Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The water cycle information report

The water cycle

Introduction: The water cycle is a process that the water goes through between land, ocean and the atmosphere. Water is a process that is recycled throughout the process the water changes state throughout process - liquid,gas and solid. The steps in the water cycle is evaporation, condensation precipitation, runoff/groundwater.

Evaporation: When the sun heats the liquid from the river, lakes and the ocean, the liquid turns into evaporation. When the liquid gets evaporated it turns to gas what is invisible. On cold days the water doesn't evaporate as much as on hot days the evaporation happens more. In hot places there is a high amount humidity. The gas what floats up turns into a cloud that's called condensation.

Condensation/ precipitation: Condensation is when a gas floats up to the sky and turns to a cloud. Precipitation is when it snows, rains, sleets and hail. Water vapor always turns back into a liquid. The air always has some water. Condensation happens when temperature changes. After condensation it will snow, rain, sleet or hail in the mountains then it will run down the mountain in a river, there are also under ground rivers called groundwater.

Runoff groundwater: Runoff is when water runs down the mountains under the mountain and above. runoff is nothing more than water what runs down the land's surface. There are rivers flowing under your feet. Groundwater stores a huge amount of under ground.

Conclusion: The water cycle is a good way to recycle water, because you don't wast water.

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